Study Program of Fine Arts

Study program structure


This study program is designed to realize defined aims and achieve defined goals when completed. During basic academic studies of fine arts, the students have compulsory and elective courses. The compulsory courses provide students with basic knowledge in the field, while elective courses enable them to acquire knowledge in fields that correspond to their individual aptitudes.




Study program goals

The goal of the study program is to train and enable students to become experts in their profession. Thus, in their further work, graduated students can competently contribute to the development of the global cultural domain, especially in the field of fine arts, which this study program concerns. In addition, the students are enabled to actively and independently participate in interdisciplinary research, cooperate with artistic teams and institutions of culture, thus being able to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills.



Šef departmana:
mr Ervin Ćatović profesor umetnosti

Trajanje studija: 4 godine (8 semestara)
240 ESPB

Akademski naziv:
Diplomirani likovni umetnik (Dipl. lik. umet.)

Broj mesta: 5

Školarina za samofinansirajuce studente: 60.000 rsd

Kompletan raspored predmeta po semestrima i godinama studija

Broj mesta na Likovnoj umetnosti

Studiski program Budzet Samofinansiranje Ukupno
Likovna umetnost

Study program aims

The aims of the academic study program arise from its goals and can be defined as

  • Professional qualification in the artistic field and mastering both artistic and technical-technological aspects of art as a medium,
  • Acquisition of permanent and systematic knowledge and its implementation in practice as fundamentally important, and a high level of cognition of the artistic process and creative and critical awareness,
  • Funcional efficiency within social and cultural institutions by applying acquired academic knowledge and enabling students to independently utilizeand apply it in practice, based on cooperation with cultural institutions (museums, galleries, publishing houses, culture oriented institutions and all other practical and social events where art is employed as both an artistic and a technical medium).

Competences of graduated students

By mastering the study program the studednts will be competent to:

  • Work independently in artistic practice
  • Functionally participate in institutions where art is utilized as an artistic or a technical medium,
  • Make their contribution by working in creative and professional teams in the domain of their profession,
  • Work independently as educators –professors in elementary and secondary schools,
  • Continue their university level, graduate studies