Computers science – Physics

Study program structure

This study program offers courses in Computer Science, Physics and general and teacher’s training education. Of the total of 40 subjects offered by the study program, 33 are compulsory, 7 subjects are elective and are chosen from a group of 12 subjects. In the first year of studies all the subjects are compulsory. All the subjects are one semester courses. For each subject there are 75 hours of active teaching in a semester. Each subject is valued at 6 ECTS.



Study program goal


The basic goals of the study program are
• Education of students for a clear perception and definition of professions in the fields of Computer Science and Physics in contemporary society,
• Mastery of competence for teaching in elementary education,

• Raising the qualification structure of the population of the Novi Pazar region and the Republic of Serbia as well as the advancement of the level of diversity offered by university level education in the Republic

Study program aims

The aims of the study program are:
• To provide the students with quality genral, as well as professional education in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics,
• For the students to acquire and be able to transmit knowledge and skills in the fields of Computer Science and Physics,
• To foster creativity in teaching and contact with students


Competence of graduated students

By mastering the study program the students will achieve the required professional, didactic and methodological as well as teaching and psychological competences for the successful teaching of study programs in the fields of Computer Science and Physics at the level of elementary education. They will be qualified for all forms of teaching: full-time teaching, remedial teaching, elective teaching and extra-curricular activities