Mathematics ( Master’s Studies )

Study program structure

All subjects are compulsory, they last for one semester, and each subject is valued at 6 ETCS. The final master’s thesis is valued at 24 ETCS, and professional practice in the 9th semester is valued at 6 ETCS.



Study program goals


The study program of Mathematics has the following, clearly defined goals:
• Acquiring competences for work in teaching in elementary and secondary education,
• Acquiring possibilities for involvement in developmental and scientific work, in solving problems of mathematical and other fields, where the use of mathematical tools is needed,
• Satisfying the needs for professional and qualified experts in social, service, economic and other activities.

Study program aims

The aims of the study program are:

• Adoption and transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of Mathematics,
• Introducing to mathematical modeling, as well as to different applications of mathematics in natural, technical, social and other sciences and occupations,
• Enabling comprehension of mathematical proofs, and at the same time of logical argumentation in more general situations,
• Acquiring abilities for creative problem solving by the use of mathematical tools,
• Mastering the skills of practical use and application of information science technologies.



Competences of graduated students

By mastering the study program the students will achieve the required professional, didactic and methodological as well as pedagogical and psychological competences for the successful realization of all programs of education in the field of Mathematics at the level of elementary and secondary education. They will be qualified for all forms of teaching: full-time teaching, remedial teaching, elective teaching and extra-curricular activities.
Students will achieve the required expertise for various technical work and occupations in the society, state management and public and private sector, including analytical way of thinking, thorough knowledge in the field of mathematics, understanding the statistics and ability of mathematical modeling when solving various problems.