Mission, Vision, Development Goals

Mission, Vision, Development Goals

The Sate University of Novi Pazar was established by a decree of the Government of Serbia of 26th October 2006, as the seventh state university in Serbia, with the aim of contributing to more even regional development, the greater productivity of young scientists and professionals, the timely and adequate choice of necessary professions and the definition of priorities of the region’s development based on scientific grounds.

The State University of Novi Pazar is the only integrated and the first officially accredited university in Serbia. Its original department model of organization of teaching and dynamic study programs, in keeping with the demands of the Bologna Declaration, provide the possibility for continuously creating new and modern profiles of univeristy educated professionals important for the region’s development, as well as profiles competitive on the market of qualification, both in Serbia and and abroad.


The mission of the University of Novi Pazar lies in the answer to why do we need a regional university center which concerns itself with the development of its region, the raising of the system of values and its sustainability over a longer period of time.
The internal mission of the University of Novi Pazar is:
– The creation of modern and dynamic study programs completely adapted to world standards and the requirements of society,
– The educating of professional experts of a new generation and the effort to make quality higher education available to all those who wish it,
– Continuous investment in professional further training, advancement of knowledge and education of professors and teaching associates,

– The designing of a broad specter of possibilities for acquiring knowledge, the developing of skills and learning new positions through basic, diploma and doctoral academic studies,

– The cultivating of the positive attitude of students toward learning and modern forms of acquiring knowledge through the department model of teaching,

– The awarding of the work and efforts of the best students and most deserving professors for the advancement of scientific, professional and ethical thought.

– The external mission of the University of Novi Pazar is:

– The general social role of higher education and support to regional development

– Scientific, technical and culturalcooperation witj similar and other institution in Serbia and abroad,

– The establishing of firm ties with international centers for the purpose of receiving, working and implementation of development programs and projects.

– Providing professional support to gradutes of the university for employment and application of knowledge and skills acquired,

– The organizing of public platforms, scientific and professional conferences, solidarity drives and the continuous education of the general population on the important fields of the life of the region.


The vision of the University of Novi Pazar concerns what kind of institution of higher education is envisaged for the future. The basic guidelines in the vision, contain, in themselves, the following:

– The University in Novi Pazar envisions that it will become an eminent institution of higher education of regional, national and international importance, with clear goals for developing future professions and the continuosly inclusion of its members in the solving of current issues of social life in the region and in the state,
– The University of Novi Pazar aims to provide dynamic leadership, support and efforts for all of its members, for the purpose of modernizing teaching and timely adjustment to all the demands of the modern market of knowledge.
The University of Novi Pazar aims to become and important center of scientific thought in various fields by the creation of modern and high quality study programs of further education at the master’s and doctoral studies levels and inclusion in its work of both Serbian and foreign experts.

Development aims

By adopting its Strategy of Development, the University of Novi Pazar has opted for a modern approach to the administration of an institution of higher education. Basic to the Strategy are the following aims of scientific and professional advancement, which the University of Novi Pazar should achieve and maintain:
– The transmission of a high level of knowledge on all the fields of sciences and the arts, which is part of the study programs,
– The training of students for individual problem solving by the application of acquired kowledge and skills,
– The training of students for leadership in tejir profession, on the one hand, and team work, on the other,
– The developing of the students’ comptences for work on interdisciplinary projects by using ytansdiciplinary competences in their professions,
– The fostering, in students, of communication skills, which does not only include language and mathematical proficiency, but also mastery of computers and foreign languages, in order to have direct access to information important for their profession and its advancement,
– The stimulating of critical thinking in students through an understanding of scientific methods and elements of logic, for the purpose of analysis and argumented reasoning,
– The inculcation in the students of a code of understanding and respecting differences with a high level of interaction and team work,
– The forming of a readiness for decision making and establishing priorities which directly sffects the transmission of acquired knowledge and skills to the political, social, scientific, professional and cultural level,
– Ethical reasoning and the development of a system of values as an individual and collective obligation of all the graduates of the University.

The development of the integrated University of Novi Pazar provides for the creation of an interactive model of developing a regional leadership position among the state universities in Serbia, whose task is the maintaining of high standards in education, science, acquisition of skills, ethics and social integration. The strategical implications of globalization processes, the application of new economic values and the demographical changes of transition required a multi-dimensional and operative efficient approach to higher, uniuversity education
The reorganization of the University of Novi Pazar is directed toward the concept of organization and administration of a university of the integrated type such as exist in the world.

The University of Novi Pazar, as a specific education subsystem is an autonomous and functional unit of the education system of Serbia. Within the overall system of higher education in Serbia, the University of Novi Pazar is qualified for efficient and timely communication. For the purpose of coordination of itegrative processes of cooperation between institutions and society on the one hand, and professors and students on the other. The advancement and profesionalization of scientific and teaching activities, the creation of scientific and professional teams, the establishing of a network of experts and scientific research are the basic components of the systemic approach to higher education at the University of Novi Pazar.