Study program structure

Length of studies: 4 years (8 semesters) 240 ECTS

In the first year 12 compulsory subjects are studied. In the second year 12 subjects are studied, out of which 2 are elective from a choice of 4. In the third year 12 subjects are studied, 8 of which are compulsory, and 4 subjects are elected from a choice of 6. In the fourth year 12 subjects are studied, 8 of which are compulsory, which 4 are elected from a choice of 8 subjects.



Study program purpose


This level of studies enables the graduated student to critically interpret scientific and expert literature, to evaluate correctly his own and others work, using statistical reasoning, computer skills, organizing and participating on group work.
The specific purpose of this study program is also to educate students who will continue studies at the diploma academic studies level and at the level of doctoral studies in the field of Psychology.

Study program aims

The aims of the study program are:
• Qualifying students for independent comparing of thoery and models;
• Instructing students into the basic principles of the development of man;
• Qualifying students for independent use of various sources of information;
• Qualifying students for understanding and researching individual differences;
• Indepedent and continuous acquisition of knowledge for competent practice in various professional contexts.


Competences of graduated students

Upon cmpletion of basic academic studies of Psychology it is expected that the student will show an all-round understanding and knowledge of the subject, its basic methods, the development and current status of Psychology as a science and profession, an understanding of psychological concepts and broader and more specific theoretical systems, a knowledge of the basic methods of thescientific research of behavior, a knowledge of the rules of construction and evaluation of psychological measurement instruments, a detailed acquaintance with statistica; procedures and an understanding of the role of statistics in psychology, a rounded knowledge and understanding of the principles and factors of the psychological development of man as well as an acqauitance with the main fields of the applied branches of psychology and their relation to psychology as a science.