Audio and video technology (Master’s Studies)

Study program goals

Length of Studies: 1 year (2 semesters) 60 ECTS

The study program for Audio and Video Technology has the following clearly defined goals:
• Training of students in clearly recognizable and defined vocations in the field of sound and image production,
• Acquiring competences to work on sound and image production and post-production which are socially useful and valid,
• Fulfillment of needs of the public and private sectors for promotion of knowledge and its levels necessary for a dynamic development of techniques and technologies in the field of sound, image and media with permanent adjustment to changes,
• Raising the qualification structure of the population in the Republic of Serbia, thus advancing the diversity of university level education in the Republic.



Study program aims


The study program aims are:
• To transmit knowledge and skills in the field of audio and video technology
• To integrate basic knowledge in technology, computer science and information science in accordance with the needs of production, education and servicing activities in audio and video technology,
• To enable students to work in corporate companies and the public sector.

Competences of graduated students

By mastering the study program of Audio and Video Technology, a student can:
• follow, apply and develop innovations in the professional domain by acquiring knowledge in the field of production and post-production of image and sound, as well as in the application of 2D and 3D computer animation technologies
• develop skills and efficiency in the use of knowledge by qualifying for planning and designing audio and video systems,
• design and organize working processes, organize control of audio and video devices and media material (audio and video records) and make operational decisions.