The Alumni Club

The Alumni Club of the State University of Novi Pazar is an organization that should gather and maintain communication with former students, who have a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree at SUNP. Since its founding until this moment, the Alumni Club of the University has nurtured long-term cooperation with several dozen students who live and work throughout our country and the world. The Alumni Club database contains data on former students, current students (Young Alumni Club), employees and friends of the University. Strengthening the Alumni Club helps the University to reform its study programs and teaching methods, based on the experience of its members. On the other hand, the Club enables its members to gather, inform, easily communicate and participate in many activities at SUNP.


The Goals of the Alumni Club

* Connecting alumni who have received bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees at SUNP.
* Providing new information on innovation in professional and scientific disciplines.
* Participation of members in international and scientific conferences, professional gatherings and seminars organized by the University.
* Through communication and experience, it helps solve business problems and dilemmas of Club members.
* Developing cooperation between the University and companies/organizations in which former SUNP sudents work.
* Promotion and exchange of professional, scientific and practical knowledge among members.
* Transfer of knowledge and experience to students, as well as their training and business advancement.
* Connecting with potential employers.
* Strengthening the reputation of the University.
* Motivating current students.
In cooperation with the Career Center, it helps students in their senior years to successfully start their careers.