Biomedical Sciences

The department deals with teaching in the fields of rehabilitation, sports and physical education, as well as scientific research in these fields. Within the Department of Biomedical Sciences, there are Basic Vocational Studies in Health Care. Students acquire knowledge and skills in the fields of basic and applied sciences, medical sciences, applied in healthcare institutions, education, scientific institutions, sports,
recreational and therapeutic, private or social institutions.
Classes are conducted according to modern and flexible plans and programs, and both theoretical and practical knowledge in selected areas is acquired. Small groups, in which the Department works, enable faster and better development of each student individually. Classes are held in the university building as well as in educational and scientific bases such as the Novi Pazar General Hospital, the Special Hospital for Muscular and Neuromuscular Diseases, Novopazarska Banja, as well as sports institutions of the city of Novi Pazar.
At the Department of Biomedical Sciences, classes are held in basic academic studies (OAS), basic professional studies (OSS), master academic studies (MAS) and doctoral academic studies (DAS).

Basic academic studies

Basic vocational studies
Doctoral academic studies