Two study programs are implemented at this Department: Psychology (basic and master academic studies) and Teacher in preschool institutions (basic academic studies).
The Psychology study program combines the activities of higher education and scientific research, as components of a unique process of higher education. The emphasis of the program is on the competent practical preparation of students for the acquisition and demonstration of conceptual knowledge from the essential areas of psychology, as well as on independence in the application of statistical methods in the field of social and humanities. Core areas include research methods, biological bases of behavior, cognitive psychology, personality psychology and individual differences, developmental, social, and clinical psychology.
The four-year study program Educator in preschool institutions is based on the latest results of foreign and domestic pedagogical-psychological research on all aspects of the development and learning of children at an early age.
The general goal of this study program is to acquire the professional competence of educators as a reflective practitioner through theoretical teaching and direct practical work, a person who will introduce new methods, resources, carry out research, evaluate children’s progress, but also personal work, with the aim of encouraging the individual characteristics of preschool children. in his developmental activities and preparation for school.

Basic academic studies