General Information

SUNP is the only integrated state university in Serbia. With more than 4000 students and 250 permanent teaching staff (170 professors and lecturers and 80 assistants and research fellows) it is contributing to comprehensive development of the region. Integrated structure of SUNP has enabled it, as the youngest state university in Serbia, to develop much faster with the available funds and teaching and administration staff. More information about history of SUNP, its mission, visions and development goals can be found here.

SUNP has noticed results and number of realized projects (national and international) in various areas relevant to subject of this project like curriculum development, lifelong learning, university/enterprises cooperation, etc. SUNP was coordinator of the TEMPUS project „Energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and environmental impact” /530194-Tempus-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR/ and partner in 13 TEMPUS projects and currently in 3 Erasmus+ projects.
SUNP joined the large family of European universities with the signing of the Bologna Declaration, i.e. with the signing of the Magna Carta Universitatum on 18 September 2008 which concerns the fundamental rights and freedoms at universities.

State University of Novi Pazar is committed to establish and develop cooperation with other universities in the country and abroad, along with international organizations dealing with higher education. Today, there are many universities in Europe and Asia with which cooperation agreements have been signed. Also, SUNP has participated in numerous projects under the following education and research programs: TEMPUS, ERASMUS+, ERASMUS MUNDUS, COST, HORIZON 2020, CEEPUS, WUS Austria, and others.