International cooperation

Intensive international inter-university cooperation began with the signing of the Bologna Declaration by the Rector Prof. Dr. Ćemal Dolićanin, i.e. by signing the Magna Charta (Magna Charta Universitatum) on 18.09. 2008, which refers to fundamental rights and freedoms at universities. Thus, the State University joined the large family of universities in Europe.
A flurry of signing agreements on cooperation between universities in Europe and Asia, with which the agreement was signed, has begun.

Links to foreign universities:

01. Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis – Nice Sophia Antipolis
02. University Staatliche Fakultät für Pädagogik in Wien
03. Russian State Social University (Moscow)

04. Mordovskii gosudarstvennyi universitet im. N. P. Ogarëva» (Mr. Saransk, Russia)

05. Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazina (Ukraine)
06. Belarusian State University (Republic of Belarus)
07. University of Udine — Università di Udine (Italy)
08. Trakya Üniversitesi – TurkeySulejman Demirel University – Isparta, Turkey
09. Žilinská univerzita in Žilina – Slovak
10. University of Sarajevo
11. University of East Sarajevo
12. University of Tuzla
13. University of Banja Luka
14. University of Montenegro