Mission and goal


The State University in Novi Pazar was founded by the decision of the Government of Serbia on October 26, 2006 as the seventh state university in Serbia, with the aim of contributing to more even regional development, greater productivity of young scientists and experts, timely and adequate selection of necessary professions, and the establishment of science-based development priorities. regions.

The State University in Novi Pazar is the only integrated and the first officially accredited University in the Republic of Serbia. The original departmental model of the organization of the teaching process and dynamic study programs, aligned with the requirements of the Bologna Declaration, provide the possibility of creating always new and contemporary profiles of highly educated experts important for the development of the region, but also profiles that are competitive on the knowledge market, both in the country and abroad. .


The mission of the University of Novi Pazar gives the answer to why we need the presence of a regional university center that should take care of the development of the region, raising the value system and its sustainability in a long period of time.

The internal mission of the University of Novi Pazar is:

* production of modern and dynamic study programs, which are fully adapted to world standards and the needs of society,

* creating a new generation of experts and striving to make quality higher education available to everyone who wants it,

* continuous investment in professional training, improvement of knowledge and education of teachers and associates,
* designing a wide range of opportunities for acquiring knowledge, developing skills and building new attitudes through undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies,
* the development of a positive attitude of students towards learning and modern forms of knowledge acquisition through the departmental model of the teaching process,
* rewarding the work and efforts of the best students and the most deserving teachers for the development of scientific, professional and ethical thought.

The external mission of the University of Novi Pazar is:

* the general social role of higher education and support for regional development,
* scientific, technical and cultural cooperation with similar and other institutions in the Republic of Serbia and abroad,
* establishing strong ties with international centers in order to obtain, create and implement development programs and projects,
* providing professional support to its graduate students during employment and application of acquired knowledge and skills,
* organizing public debates, scientific and expert gatherings, solidarity actions and continuous education of the general population in important areas of public life in the region.


The vision of the University of Novi Pazar explains what kind of higher education institution we want in the region in the future. The basic guidelines for the development of the University outlined in the vision contain the following:
* The University of Novi Pazar aspires to grow into an eminent higher education institution of the regional,
* of national and international importance, with clear goals for the development of future professions and the constant involvement of its members in solving current issues of social life in the region and the country,
* The University of Novi Pazar strives to provide dynamic leadership, support and advocacy for all its members, and with the aim of modernizing the teaching process and timely adaptation to all the requirements of the modern knowledge market,
* The University of Novi Pazar aspires to become an important center of scientific thought for various fields, which it plans to achieve by creating modern and high-quality training programs for master’s and doctoral studies and by involving in the work of both domestic and foreign experts.

Goals of development

By creating the Development Strategy, the University of Novi Pazar opted for a modern approach to the management of a higher education institution. The following goals of scientific and professional development, which the University of Novi Pazar should achieve and maintain, are stated in the basis of the Strategy:

* Transmission of top knowledge from all fields of science and art, which are found in study programs,
* Training students to independently solve problems by applying acquired knowledge and skills,
* Training students for leadership in the profession on the one hand, and teamwork on the other,

* Creating students’ ability to work in interdisciplinary projects by using transdisciplinary competencies in their profession,

* Encouraging students’ communication skills, which does not only mean linguistic and mathematical skills, but also command of computer and foreign languages, so that they have direct access to information important for the profession and its development,
* Encouraging critical thinking among students through the understanding of scientific methods and elements of logic, and for the purpose of analysis and reasoned judgment,
* Embedding in students a code of understanding and respect for differences with high levels of interactions and teamwork,

* Building readiness for decision-making and establishing priorities, which directly facilitates the transfer of acquired knowledge and skills on the political, social, scientific, professional and cultural level,

* Ethical thinking and development of the value system as an individual and collective obligation of all graduate students at the University.The development of the integrated University in Novi Pazar enables the creation of an interactive model of building a regional leadership position among national ones universities in the Republic of Serbia, whose task is to maintain high standards in education, science, skills acquisition, ethics and social integration. The strategic implications of globalization processes, the application of new economic values ​​and demographic changes in transition require a multidimensional and operationally efficient approach to higher education.

The reorganization of the University in Novi Pazar is directed towards the concept of organization and management of integrated universities, such as exist in the modern world.
The University of Novi Pazar, as a specific educational subsystem, represents an autonomous and functional unit of the educational system in the Republic of Serbia. Within the entire system of higher education in the Republic of Serbia, the University of Novi Pazar is trained to be efficient and effective communication, and in order to coordinate integrative processes of cooperation between institutions and society on the one hand, and teachers and students on the other. The improvement and professionalization of scientific teaching activities, the building of scientific and professional teams, the creation of a network of experts and scientific research activities are the basic components of the systemic approach to higher education at the University of Novi Pazar.
The University of Novi Pazar strives to establish a quality and transparent value system.
Realization of priority development goals is possible only by building trust, joint responsibility and adequate risk taking by all structures of the University.