About the University


The State University in Novi Pazar is one of the youngest higher education institutions in Serbia. It was established by the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia on October 26, 2006. Prof. was appointed acting rector. Ćemal Dolićanin, Ph.D. The Provisional Council was also appointed, consisting of: prof. Dr. Božidar Stanić, (University of Belgrade), prof. Dr. Miladin Kostić (University of Priština), prof. Dr. Stevan Šogorov (University of Novi Sad), prof. Dr. Igor Milovanović (University of Niš), prof. Dr. Vuk Milatović (University of Belgrade).
This move by the Government had the goal of contributing to a more even and faster regional development of the Republic of Serbia as a whole, to improve the educational structure of young people, as well as to help solve the accumulated problems that hinder the development of this region. As part of the University, then they started to
there are three faculties: Philosophical, Legal and Economic and Technical and Technological.
Soon, the State University in Novi Pazar switched to a departmental model and instead of a faculty, it has departments. This practically means that the university has the status of a legal entity, and not the faculties (departments) within it: for legal, economic, philosophical, philological, natural mathematical, biomedical, technical-technological and multidisciplinary sciences. The integrated organizational structure enabled the rapid development of this institution.
The State University in Novi Pazar trains lawyers, economists, psychologists, preschool teachers, professors of mathematics, computer science, English and Serbian, as well as physical education, as well as engineers in architecture, construction, electrical and computer engineering, agronomy, food technology, graduates biologists, chemists, physiotherapists and professional
In April 2008, the State University in Novi Pazar was among the first state universities in Serbia to be accredited for the performance of basic, master’s and doctoral academic studies.
Accreditations followed in 2013 and 2018, and classes are held in a total of 50 study programs.
This higher education institution cooperates with numerous universities, institutes, colleges and other scientific and research institutions in the country in various fields, as well as with universities abroad, starting from neighboring countries and ending with Austria, Slovakia, Italy, France, Turkey, Belarus, Russia…
The state university has two buildings, with 16,000 m 2 , modernly equipped classrooms and offices and 17 laboratories with modern equipment, a library with a reading room and a sports hall. The largest number of students are educated at the expense of the budget of the Republic of Serbia, while tuition fees for self-financing students are the lowest in the country. The university achieves the set goals to the greatest extent, especially in terms of contributing to the development of this part of Serbia, because quality education is available to young people, and their knowledge is a prerequisite for development.
The state university was founded with the great and selfless support of other public universities in Serbia, especially in terms of personnel, and one of the priority tasks is to create its own personnel from among its ranks, by selecting the best students for associates and assistants.
To the position of rector, after prof. Ćemal Dolićanin, Ph.D., in 2012 Prof. Dr. Miladin Kostić, who will remain in that position until 2021. Then prof. was elected rector. Dr. Bratislav Mirić.