Computer center

The computing center deals primarily with the maintenance of the university’s computer network, which means ensuring the optimal functioning of all active servers, editing the university’s internet presentation, as well as maintaining and servicing computers and equipment.
We are connected to the Academic Network of Serbia by one gigabit link, which in today’s conditions is sufficient for our university, given that it is integrated by arrangement.

We have over 200 computer connections, which are interconnected in a local network. There are 4 computer classrooms, one of which is equipped for language learning and one for distance learning.

The basis of the entire computing center is university servers: Email server, DNS server, Radius server, Antivirus server, WWW server and SQL server, local Domain Controller, Active directory, Cacti monitoring.
The computer center works intensively on modernizing existing solutions and building new ones, primarily for the needs of the Rectorate, but also for the needs of all services within the University.

The website of the University is, in today’s conditions, one of the main sources of information about activities at the University.
The creation of an information system for students is underway, which will significantly facilitate the work of all services and contribute to better interaction between students and the university.



* Dževad Dolicanin, B.Sc. – head of the calculation center –
* Edin Nušević, B.Sc. – leading system administrator –
* Zuhdin Curić, B.Sc. – system administrator –
* Ismail Čarovac, B.Sc. – IT support –
* Murat Ugljanin – IT support –