University cooperation

Over the past five years, much has been done to establish a network of inter-university cooperation.

It can be said that the permanent determination of the State University in Novi Pazar, from its establishment until today, has been the establishment, nurturing and development of cooperation with other universities in the Republic of Serbia, as well as with universities abroad and other organizations dealing with higher education issues.

This is clearly evidenced by the concluded bilateral agreements on cooperation with all universities in the territory of the Republic of Serbia as well as in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and of course a very large number of foreign universities from almost all continents.

This is evidenced by DUNP’s membership in the European Association of Universities (EUA), the Balkan Rectors’ Network, the Danube Rectors’ Conference (DRC), the Mediterranean Association of Universities (UNIADRIO) and other organizations of importance for the development of education, science and culture.

The State University in Novi Pazar maintains bilateral relations with a large number of foreign university associations, participates in TEMPUS, CEEPUS, ERASMUS/MUNDUS and other programs, international tenders for the allocation of funds for scientific research and development of the educational process, procurement of material resources for the improvement of higher education, achieves regular contacts i 

cooperation with student exchange associations for summer and professional internships, etc.

The State University in Novi Pazar hosted numerous professors from abroad (Austria, France, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, etc.). During these visits, scientists and experts held several lectures in the field of current trends in science and the profession, of a wide range. The photos on the following pages tell it best.

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