University Sports Federation


University Youth in Novi Pazar – students, have their own association – Sports Association of the State University of Novi Pazar, which organizes and implements university competitions in Novi Pazar from which, based on their results, athletes or sports teams continue competitions at the University Championship of Serbia, or at international student competitions.
The Sports Association of Students of the University of Novi Pazar cooperates with:
* Ministry of Youth and Sports
* University Sports Federation of Serbia
* Sports Federation of Serbia
* Universities in the Republic
* Association of Physical Education Teachers in Novi Pazar
* Student unions of faculties in Novi Pazar.

The Sports Association of the State University of Novi Pazar has two goals:
1. University of Novi Pazar Championship
The competitions will be held during the academic year, and their goal is to organize one-day or weekend competitions in some sports throughout the season.
2. Sports and recreational activities
In accordance with their possibilities, which are limited by financial resources, Student Union will organize sports and recreational activities within the actions of other federations, such as “Sports against drugs”, “World Sports Day”, “Sports for all” and others.
• Development and improvement of university sports in higher education
• To enable the best possible organization of the competition, which leads to a larger number of participants and the quality of the competition,
• Cooperation with domestic and international university sports institutions, higher education institutions in general and sports federations,
• Fight against addiction, and organization of free time in sports activities,
• Spreading of Olympic principles.
In order to assess the current situation and evaluate the development of university sports in Novi Pazar until 2015, we will take the following parameters:
Number of sports,
Number of teams,
Number of competitors,
Number of higher education institutions participating in that championship.
In the next period, the programs for which students show the most interest will be included, but currently there is no money for them. These programs include:
Winter sports,
Water sports,
Technical sports,
Extreme sports.