Humanitarian evening for Tarik

The Student Parliament of the State University in Novi Pazar organized a humanitarian evening for Tarik
Malmudirović, a young man from Novopazar, whose liver cirrhosis damaged his health and threatened his life. The only cure for
this 22-year-old young man has a liver transplant, which needs to be done in Turkey. For such an intervention
100,000 euros are needed, and Tarik can get that much money only if his fellow citizens show
compassion and together they collect the necessary amount.
Students of the State University in Novi Pazar showed humanity in action. This is their support
provided by the management of this higher education institution, as well as the younger teaching staff. They organized
humanitarian evening, they engaged in social games and the most serious human task: to help when it is needed
the most necessary.
This humane action of the Student Parliament according to the words of Rafet Alic and student-vice chancellor Denis
Demirović will continue to collect money in the coming days, with the desire and belief that Tarik will again
to be strong and ready to realize your life’s dreams.