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New information technologies
for analytical decision-making based
on the organization of the experiment and theirs
application in biological, economic,
and sociological systems

State University
in Novi Pazar

Ćemal Dolićanin- manager
Ulfeta Marovac
Aleksandar Radaković
Dragan Bogdanović



Physical and functional effects of interaction
radiation with electrotechnical and biological

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
in Belgrade

Predrag Osmokrovic-manager
Cemal Dolicanin
Irfan Fetahović
Edin Dolicanin




Study of physicochemical
and biochemical processes in life
environments that affect pollution and
exploring opportunities for
minimization of consequences

Institute of Chemistry, Technology
and metallurgy in Belgrade

Dragan Đorđević – manager
Milanka Radulović



Combinatorial libraries of heterogeneous
catalysts, natural products,
modified natural products
and their analogues

Natural Faculty of Mathematics in Niš Niko Radulović-head

Milan Dekić


The influence of magnetic fields and other environmental ones
stressors on physiological responses and
behavior of different species

Institute for Biological Research
Siniša Stanković in Belgrade

Branka Janac – manager
Dejan Mircic


Etiology, diagnosis, prevention,
and therapy of endemic nephropathy
and related urothelial tumors

Faculty of Medicine in Niš

Vladislav Stefanovic – manager
Zana Dolicanin


Micromechanical criterion of damage and breakage

Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade

Marko Rakin – manager
Ludmila Kudryavceva


Software environment for optimal
managing the quality development process

State University
in Novi Pazar

Ljubomir Lazić – manager 

Zenaida Šabotić


Indicators and models of family reconciliation
and business roles

Faculty of Philosophy in Niš

Vladimir Hedrih-manager

Gorana Rakić-Bajić

Milena Belić


Multiscale modeling methods
with applications in biomedicine

BIIORC doo Kragujevac

Milso Kojic – manager
Zoran Markovic
Svetlana Jeremic